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Taking the Hard Work out of Soft Skills

Engineers Are People Too recognizes that technical professionals are often talented linear thinkers with deep subject-matter expertise and a commitment to getting the job done right -- who also find that the interpersonal communication needed to get things accomplished is far from an exact science. We understand that these “soft skills” can often be the hardest to master, and offer training, coaching and consulting for technical professionals to help them manage people, projects, presentations and their own careers with ease and confidence. In addition, we help technical organizations strategically leverage their human and financial resources to run more efficiently.

With over 20 years of experience working with, for and as technical professionals, our team understands the mindsets and skill sets of technical professionals, the needs of organizations who hire, train and manage these professionals, as well as the specific challenges they face. From Architects to Electricians to Financial Analysts to Wastewater Engineers (and many more in between), we’ve helped thousands of professionals and organizations improve their communication, presentation and management skills.