When I first heard Deborah speak at the ABB Power and Automation World Annual Conference, I thought to myself, I wish I could captivate an audience’s attention like her with my presentations. Deborah brought charisma, energy, & passion to her presentation. After hearing Deborah’s tips, every member of the audience felt informed & educated. When I brought her in to speak to the North American Young Generation in Nuclear chapter, Deborah did it again. The group left empowered & prepared to give their next presentation. Everyone was pumped. I look forward to using Deborah again and again, and I would recommend her to any group looking for a dynamic speaker who delivers results.

Jessica Donovan, Electrical Systems Engineer PSEG Nuclear LLC

“You will not find a more dynamic duo than Michael and Deborah Riegel, who combine their talent, passion and energy to create a learning environment that packs a powerful punch. The depth and breadth of Michael’s knowledge and experience in the technical professional world has made him a sought after speaker and development coach in this unique industry. Deborah is a recognized leader in  training and development, as well as a successful certified management coach. Her honest, straightforward, no-nonsense approach to business is inspiring and refreshing. Their business partnership provides activities designed to drive maximum individual and team performance. During their interactive, hands-on workshops, the most common theme heard is “Wow! Not only did I walk away with informative tips and tools that I can immediately apply on-the-job, but I had fun too.” Yes, Michael and Deborah are out to prove that learning and fun can co-exist AND that engineers are people too!”

Juliann Decker, Senior Training Manager Aspen Technology

“Michael Riegel’s innate skill at simplifying complex technical projects, his deep understanding of business operations, and his exceptional ability to motivate staff makes him an invaluable consultant for technical organizations. These skills paired with his genuine personality and easy-going style made Michael a pleasure to work with. Michael is the type of consultant that challenges the status quo in a positive way and helps organizations achieve win-win situations. He defies the stereotype of the consultant by demonstrating his investment in identifying and implementing long-term, sustainable solutions and in developing lasting relationships throughout the levels of the organization.”

Walter Gross, Vice President Tectonic Engineering

“Deborah is a wonderful coach to work with. Her reflection skills are top-notch to help you truly see where you are in life and her tools help you elevate yourself to where you want to be.”

Daphne Domingo, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA

“Deborah is a highly enthusiastic educator and trainer. If you’re a part of her class, you’ll be touched the very first minute that Deb starts to present to you, and you’ll be totally moved by her passion, her professional knowledge, and her skills. I am sure that Deborah is one of the best in the world.”

Wesley Zhang, Sony Ericsson Beijing, China

“I was absolutely fascinated and inspired by attending Deb’s presentation skills training—it was always exciting and encouraging. Now I am confident that I can completely grasp my audience’s attention and impress them within the first five minutes of my presentation thanks to Deb’s lessons.”

Mabel Wong, Mercedes Benz Beijing, China

“Deborah is the most energetic trainer I have ever met. She always has a positive attitude, engaging smile, and a warm voice. Her presentation skills class impressed me very much, and it gave me great confidence in my daily work. Her workshop will help me take my career to the next level!”

Dai Shenghai, Computer Associates Beijing, China

“Deborah is a very impressive speaker —energetic and confident. She has the gift of attracting people to focus on what she is saying, and definitely influences how people communicate with one another. She seems to be able to pour her confidence and endless energy into others, making them feel fearless when they present themselves in public. We all love her!”

Dawn Liu, IBM Beijing, China